Speedy® 2000 Moisture Tester, 0-20%, 20g Sample

The Speedy® 2000 Moisture Tester, 0-20%, 20g Sample is 14x5.5in (356x140mm) LxDia, and handle soils, aggregates, coal and ores. Kit includes two steel balls to pulverize samples, electronic balance, reagent measuring scoop, a 1lb (0.45kg) can of reagent, brush, and instructions in a heavy-duty, plastic case.

This popular method is widely accepted for rapid, accurate, and reliable moisture tests on sand, aggregates, ores, coal, soils, ceramics, abrasives, and other materials. Units are portable, easy to use and do not require a power supply. Samples can be tested on-site, eliminating risk of moisture loss during transport.

A pre-weighed sample is placed in the tester, along with a measured quantity of calcium carbide reagent. When the chamber is sealed and agitated, free moisture in the test sample reacts with the reagent to produce acetylene gas. Pressure gauge reads directly in percent moisture by weight in one to three minutes. This unit has a rugged, die-cast aluminum body (pressure chamber) with integral dial pressure gauge. Accessories are included as noted, and are also available as replacements. Replacement accessories are interchangeable between models.

Due to shipping restrictions, additional reagent is sold in 10lb (4.5kg) cans. Material from these larger cans can be used to replenish smaller containers for field use.

Speedy® 2000 Moisture Tester (20g Sample)
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